Advantages Of Wooden House

Advantages Of Wooden House


Advantages of wooden houses

Technology for the production of wooden prefabricated houses, suggests their manufacture from natural materials, which many scientists a way to live closer to nature, which in turn led to prolonged life expectancy. Materials for construction of prefabricated houses, wood, glass and rock Gibbs derived from nature. Moreover, these prefabricated houses have other advantages:

Prefabricated houses have less weight, which he in turn reduces the cost of pouring the foundation and allows placement of prefabricated houses in areas with groundwater and svlachishta.kashtite with flexible joints, which implies a greater rigidity and stability of prefabricated houses in zemetreseniya.vremeto construction of prefabricated houses is 5 to 10 times faster than the time required to build a solid house.

Construction of prefabricated houses is dry, that is not necessary to wait from 3 to 12 months for drying of the plaster inside the premises, as in monolithic houses. Heating costs are lower because of the insulation in the walls of these prefabricated houses. It is estimated that if a wall of prefabricated houses with a thickness of 15 cm, this corresponds to 30 cm brick wall. The walls of this type of prefabricated houses is the same strength of monolithic

Friendly in Production

In the design of wooden houses using modern construction solutions are environmentally friendly in production and habitation.

Prefabricated buildings are, which means that they do on site and fitted for extremely short periods without excess material. Rapid development does not affect in any way on quality. We have the ability to carry a variety of architectural solutions.

Wood-framed buildings makes them much more resistant to world and zemetresenya svalchishta and are a lot lighter, leading to a cost effective substrates. They have great insulating material, which indicates substantial energy savings for heat in winter and summer klimatizatsia. With this type of building to prevent procedures that are wet, that are a significant source of humidity in building that is solid.
Last but not least to point out the cost that is low in the same degree of extravagance and perfection, space saving and quick and simple alteration to emerging demands.


Various features of the wooden houses give vesomi reasons they are favored in several countries where wood is not plentiful, and deficient. History, fairy tales along with other sources show that wooden houses continue to be used countless years before Christ, needless to say, before concrete was devised by entire epochs that are seasoned. Clearly, the technology works in our time have absolutely positively positively nothing to do with that time.

Long Life Stuff

Stuff for modern wooden houses are made from quality wood are manufactured from permanent substances, for which such a home can serve as shelter for a lot of generations. By their nature and properties of the wood creates great disposition in the area, a cosy feeling. Using its attribute extractor for the tree in the home plays the function of regulator of wetness, all this atmosphere is healing and is a nice smell.

Technology of Wooden House

Modern technology for building of wooden houses are given in order that houses are compiled from prefabricated components. In the generation base is processed lumber, and land set aside region house is assembled quickly without prerazhodva wood along with other stuff.

Substantially Lighter

Naturally, comparing the constructions of the houses that individuals discuss in our routine website and habitual for us brick 2, 3 storey houses, among the parameters, the values of which change radically, is the weight. Wooden houses as is clear from the very name has made of wood, and this immediately means that are lighter. This in turn leads to lower prices for the basis. Such houses the same time are extremely immune to calamities like landslides and earthquakes. To remember an additional property of wood: thermal insulating material, also it is preservation of heat and air conditioning.

Cost of Wooden House

And undoubtedly, of course - the cost. In the same amounts of end of jobs in economics of resources, a luxury, even in primitive cosmetic, look, freedom and simple care, wooden houses with their beat on costs.
The preparation of the bid relies on the performance presented by the customer architectural design and main measurements of building components. Things like amounts and sizes are defined in compliance with the preceding information and coordinate with the customer according to technical parameters.


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