Woods For Your House: Which Is The Best?

Woods For Your House: Which Is The Best?

In this discussion, PT Touchwood will provide knowledge to you about memlih material good wood to build houses. In addition to cement, sand, stone, glass, ceramics, etc., wood material is also very instrumental in the construction of houses. For example, as to be used as rafters, doorframes, window bars, buffer windows, doors, etc. There are currently very much at all sorts - kind of a good quality wood to be used as construction material, especially Indonesia known by the State that is fertile and rich in its natural resources, would not be difficult to obtain materials on this one.

First we will know the type of the type of wood used for the building, in fact many types of wood for furniture or the type of quality wood for building materials themselves, but which will be discussed only some, of the many over hundreds of types wood in Indonesia.

Camphor wood: This wood comes from the tropics, mostly camphor trees can be encountered in the area Kalimantan (Samarinda), this wood has a distinctive smell like camphor aroma of camphor wood so named. Strong advantages of serangat termites but weighs less weight than iron or teak wood. This wood has been so long in Indonesia become an alternative material for building materials class minimalist modern, because the price is relatively affordable, besides camphor has wood fibers are smooth and beautiful so often the choice to be made in the materials to make doors and windows in standard sizes, but the disadvantages of this type of timber when made in a door or window with high class sizes in large size, width or height exceeds the standard size is not recommended, because this wood tends to deform into expands when in use in the long term.

Merbau Wood: Wood is typically grows in the tropical rain forest. Merbau tree thrives in Indonesia. But mostly this tree thrives area Papua (Irian). For the texture of the wood is quite hard, also had a broken line fiber - breaking and stable. When used as alternatives for comparison with teak, merbau this is so choice. This wood is very suitable to serve as a buffer or pole roofs. There are so many advantages of this wood is only natural that the price is quite impressed expensive, because the quality also can not be in one eye view, the weakness of this wood was almost absolutely no weaknesses only a small fraction wood decay. This happens usually in the outer skin only.

Coconut Wood: timber, it seems is no stranger to the talk, because this tree is easy to grow anywhere in this country. Most of us often find him on the coast. Coconut wood itself belongs to the category species of palms and the texture was quite hard because this wood has a straight grain, unbranched, and easily used as beams, usually wood is widely used for wear poles roofs. And the quality is pretty good with a record of select aged coconut trees that are more than 60 years or more, if the tree is still young age is not recommended to be made in building materials, because it will be easy on eating termites and other insects. It will make the wood fragile.

Teak wood: this species thrives in dry areas and calcareous in Indonesia, especially on the island of Central Java and East Java. Wood is often regarded as the wood fibers and the loudest and beautiful texture. Its characteristics are stable, strong and durable making it the main choice of wood as a building material. Teak also proved resistant to fungi, termites and other insects because the oil content in the wood itself. This wood including wood most widely used for house building.

Red Meranti Wood: Red Meranti hardwood relatively lightweight to heavy-being. Its density ranges from 0.3 to 0.86 on a water content of 15%. Wooden porch pale pink, pink-brown, to dark red or brownish red. Based on the type, this wood can be divided into two. Namely, meranti pink and dark red meranti. The difference between the two is of dark red meranti severity weights tend to be heavier than the young red meranti, just make it easy on membedakanya? But what is clear in terms of quality to be made in building materials both were pretty good. According strength enough but quite a long durability of origin is not directly in contact with the ground, because this species is very sensitive to the effects of weather.

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